Smart Everything

Every now and then I’ll stumble upon yet another article talking about the cons to all of the newly introduced “smart” products. “Smart” wallets, lights, appliances, etc etc. The list goes on. The most recent smart product con I was reading about was by none other than Keurig.

For those who haven’t read about this stuff, basically what happened is this:

Keurig releases new product with “innovative technology”.

Users eventually discover that the “innovative technology” which is supposed to make life easier for them actually makes things difficult and mostly just expensive.

People find work-arounds for this new technology.

Keurig tries to prevent the work-arounds.

Keurig gets a bunch of terrible press.

Well this crap keeps happening and I think it’s the reason computer security jobs continue to grow and become more important in society.

Just a few ago people were hacking into the security vulnerabilities of BMW cars, finding ways to take over the vehicle. A car is not a coffee machine. This is scary stuff.

Smart Everything

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