minecraft security problems

There are times when a company should really do a better job of listening to the customers who attempt to show off flaws in your system. This is one of those times. Mojang (the gaming developers who created the massive title “Minecraft”) have a massive security flaw in their software. Two years ago, back in July of 2013, a flaw was discovered which allows users to crash any given server through means of sending malformed packets which causes the system to run out of memory. Ammar Askar had sent this information to Mojang back in 2013 and had awaited a response patiently. He waited a month before sending another message. Then another, 3 months later. This pattern continued for 2 years. Two entire years of Mojang ignoring the issues until it finally started seeing light on the mainstream social media sites such as Reddit. It wasn’t until the issue was hitting the front page of major media sites before Mojang actually did something about it. Once again, companies really need to be listening to their customers.


minecraft security problems

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